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September 24, 2006



Oh, that sucks...Ella has never had an infection, but she's obsessed with rashes. And mostly because she does get them on occassion. And getting her to let me look, much less put medicine on her *pee pee* is almost impossible. Hope all goes well! ((dumpling))


I hope your cute little one feels better soon. Sometime they can give them something that numbs that area while it's healing. I think it's called AZO.
Here is a story that might not make you feel better but....certain parenting situations are not exclusive to toddlers.
My sixteen year old son did not want me to look at the 'pimple' on his back. He finally relented when he bled all over his clothes at school and couldn't staunch the bleeding with a band-aid.
He called me and asked me to bring him another shirt. I took one look at the mess on his back and took him to the emergency room.
It turned out to be a huge cyst that was wrapped around his spine that ended up being so large it broke through his skin because it had nowhere else to go.
I felt like the world's worst parent. The surgeon told me not to feel bad because I hadn't inspected my teenager's body for cysts.
Luckily, he is okay after two surgeries. He promised me he would let me know if anything hurt or looked strange on his body regardless of location.


Ouch! Hope Dumpling is doing okay.


poor dumpling, I hope she is on the mend now.
GF desert that others want to eat can be tough - I'm celiac and often make pavlova (a giant merigune topped with whipped cream and cut fruit) for a crowd and it often goes over well, sometimes if I have time to kill I make indvidual merigunes and then drizzle them with melted chocolate before I add the toppings. It's really good! Another really good source for GF recipes that others would enjoy as well is Recipes from a [Gluten Free] Goddess, it's some great food that she has on her blog.
have a good week


I must tell you that even though it seems to fly in the face of all my culinary principles, brisket with onion soup mix in the sauce is very very very good. And not overly salty. However this year my dad decided to do the brisket with some recipe he got in a Williams and Sonoma catalogue and it was very good, except he used a whole bottle of chipoltes instead of 6 like the recipe said and it was a very spicy bristket.

Oh and I am in total agreeness with you about Tiffani.

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