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November 26, 2006



Oh, sorry to hear about that! I've suffered from busted blood vessels my whole life. They aren't pretty. Glad to hear that Dumpling stayed pretty calm during the incident. If the doc didn't tell you, try putting saline in her nose when she's sneezing a lot. It'll help keep her nose moist.

Mrs Figby

Aw, poor Dumpling. Yes, saline. And a humidifier. (I'm sure you already know this.)

Sending good health wishes to all of you!


You sound so calm when you describe all of the blood...I'm impressed. I think I would have been tempted to call 911.

Well, hope she is feeling better soon!


oh yeah, that happened to Li once. So scary, it's amazing how much blood can come from those teeny little noses! Glad it was nothing worse and hope y'all are feeling better soon!


Egads! Hope Dumpling gets better soon.

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