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November 20, 2006



Thanks V.

Cat, Galloping

Life is funny, huh? I was late to the party, so it's nice hearing more about your background. Do you still want more than 2? Does this mean that when you get back with Sprout, you will start paperwork for v3.0?

Mrs Figby

Wow, really? That day? That is pretty darn cool.


Wow. This gives me chills. And if you want another red thread connection (hah) we were in Nova Scotia the weekend LSP was born and our friends' wedding song was by Blue Rodeo.


Oh, I got a shot of chills through my body when I read that. Not a red thread person myself, but still.

Know where we were on the day the Hao Bao Bao was born? We were trying our hardest to vote George Bush out of office. Didn't work. Sob.


I have heard so many times that people have something in writing, even if they don't journal normally that is unusual and correlates with the birth of their daughter.

I do have a sense of the shape of the future of a lot of countries being impacted in 15 to 20 years by a group of young woman who are survivors, often raised by parents who are very focused and conscious about parenting and who also are also articulate women with a global identity. These women are going to change the world.


Here's another strange coincidence - read your blog today. Looks like "somebody" was listening on that day even if you didn't know it at the time. Chills....and, I'm going to see Jim Cuddy in concert tonight. Weird, huh?

Now, I have another thing to relate to a BR song.... I'll be thinking of you at the concert.

Sister Carrie

Wow. I did not know anything about the part CF plays in your lives. Thank you for sharing this story. And now Sprout is just waiting to join the party!


I hope you don't mind if I add this link to my blog (?) 'Why China'is the neverending question, and this helps me answer it!

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