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December 03, 2006



Oh my goodness, that drawing is a hoot! Mean face mommy? Maybe she was accidentally transferring Miss Iris' face onto your body.

Cat, Galloping

What a bitch that Miss Iris is. I'm very sorry. Love the drawing... sorry you didn't fare as well as dad in it, though.


I think Mortimer is especially well rendered!


Is there a different ballet class in your area? Miss Iris doesn't sound like a good teacher for little ones at all! Yuck! Tell her to go stuff herself. If I could send you Miss R., I would, she's great with kids.

Ahem. Did I miss a Sprout update? My Bloglines is being funky these days...

Doris Clark

I`m sorry but Miss Iris sounds like she has her Tutu in a knot. They are little kids...not the Grand Ballet of Canada! Hope you can find a new teacher for the next session.

Keep smilin!


Yeah. Miss Iris sucks. And you? You're not that mean. By the way, Mortimer's head is bigger than yours. What does that mean?


OMG what a perfectly awful teacher, I'd like to stuff her tutu you know where! Truly Dumpling is better off out of that class - but oh boy wouldn't you just love to have seen what Dumpling was doing, I bet it was a riot!

Loving the family drawing :)

Mrs Figby

What a cow! (MIss Iris, that is.) Perhaps you could find a more emotionally stable teacher for Dumpling?

As for the mean mommy thing, you're not alone. Lately Apples has been telling me that I'm not her mommy, I'm the "mean stepmother." Good times.


What a bitch. Part of me would keep taking her to class no matter what, but that wouldn't be good for Dumpling. I agree with the others that is best.

Oh, and Miss Ella drew a family portrait over the weekend as well! We're more rectangular. AND she drew the TV & remote.


Oh that sounds like a nominee for the worst teacher of the year contest.. Really wrong on all fronts 9the teacher not the dumpling..)


Well the drawing has to sting a little. I'd be feeling it. Well, personally I'd be overanalyzing it to death and wondering if I do scowl all day, but that's just me and I know you won't do that to yourself!

As for the Ballet Beotsc (how do you spell THAT?) people do so hate confrontation, don't they? She could have told you earlier, you could have discussed it all with Dumpling, etc, etc. Ack, it makes my blood boil for you.


Again...It keeps coming down to the fact that you need to come down hard off the top rope and discipline your obviously out of control child.

The headband thing...a cry for help.

Uhhhhn, Yeh...You know I'm kidding, right?

I think the drawing is brilliant.

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