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December 04, 2006



Wow -- you really have a full plate, don't you! How cool to be the gift guru! Glad to hear that things worked out ok with ballet. Been checking for a pic of Sprout . . . but no picture yet, eh? Congrats on all the upcoming excitement and changes at your house.


Ohhh that show sounds good. Sorry about the no pic! That sucks!

Heather  Ann

I noticed that you have no picture of Sprout.

Were you going to have a picture of Sprout?

Still waiting for a picture of Sprout.....


You know what they say: "If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it". Congrats on the new show....how exciting.

I am thrilled for you about Sprout. Maybe Dumpling is more of a hip hop chick.....they're much more feisty!

Doris Clark

Very cool developments. Hope the picture comes soon...'cause you obviously are not waiting for it or anything!

Keep smilin!

Pink Devora

OMG, that is too cool! MM on TV! That's so exciting. I mean, I know you've been on TSP (which I still haven't caught...sigh...I really need a Tivo), but this is way cooler. Hope you get the gig.

Yeah, so wher're the pics? Huh? Huh?


Great news on the gift guru gig. Hoping that Sprout's picture comes really, really soon.


Whoa! A movie stah! Woohoo!

Um, no pics? What's with these people, anyway?! Don't they know you're dying here?

Heather G

Congrats on the way cool TV offer. Woo hoo!

Hopefully there's another dance class out there for Dumpling that is a lot more fun and then in a few years when she's the star of the show, Miss Iris can well, you know...

So soory about the mia Sprout pic and hope it arrives soon. Our referral was lost by DHL permanently, (yes, as in it is still in the black hole of DH hell with no explanation, not that I 'm bitter about it or anything :) so I feel your pain. We had to wait three weeks (after all the *official* waiting of course) to see her sweet face in a one inch passport picture. Hopefully you won't have to wait that long, at least I hope not. :)

Love Mortimer's blog! :) My doggies are jealous.

Sister Carrie

Well, that's some pretty cool news that you slipped in there between the complaints about no pictures! Of course, I came here for pictures, but your potential stardom is interesting, too. I hope we get it on our cable system!


OMG, I like totally love being BFF with a TV celebrity - will you need an off camera assistant?

Today HAS to be Sprout photo day, I still haven't gotten over such cruel and unusual treatment (withholding of Sprout photo), who would have thought it of Canda - always seems like such a nice kindly sort of a country.

I'm so glad the sucky dance teacher did at least apologize, you will find a much nicer more fun class I'm sure.


Woops I meant CanAda!


Woops I meant CanAda!


That is so awesome about the tv thing. So not awesome about no picture Sprout. Hoping you get one today!

Mrs Figby

Wow, Ms. Famous TV Personality! Well done! And I can say I knew you back before you were a household name...

Of course you'll let us know as SOON as you have a picture of Sprout. Right?


Arg about the photo! Fingers crossed for you today, your agency did say it would arrive today, correct?

I am pretty sure my daughter would not be invited back to a ballet class either. Toddler mosh pit training would probably be more her speed. It is nice that the teacher finally touched base and apologized, I would have been miffed about that.

That is great about the TV spot, what a great opportunity for you and the business.


Do you realize that we are all here JUST FOR THE PHOTO OF SPROUT? You are being a tad coy methinks. Or something.

I would die a thousand deaths before I would ever be the gift guru anywhere at any time but you will be the loveliest gift guru that ever pimped herself on tv. I hope we will get copies somehow. I'm tickled for you.

On the name thing, I have no doubt that the perfect name will come and tap you on the shoulder. I love dumplings name and have no doubt this little one's name will be just as lovely.

WE NEED PHOTOS HERE PEOPLE. Translate a little faster already.

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