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January 02, 2007



As long as you take a camera with you and a laptop so I can see sprout I will be fine! Just kidding...

I haven't got a clue and I always pack the wrong things for my own kids anyway..


I may be in very similar straits as you, so please make notes leading up to the departure.

Doris Clark

I wish I had the magic list but I would say if you forget something, you can buy it there.

C'mon TA!!!

Keep smilin!


A few things on my list for my almost 4 year old:
-personal DVD player and DVDs
-a few matching outfits for M and her new sib (esp if it is a girl) to promote sisterly bonding
-a couple small games she can play (i dont know what yet)
-a backpack with activities for the plane - coloring books, workbooks, books, small dolls, a puzzle etc.
-a big sister gift for M, a little sibling gift selected by M to the new baby
-My Mom to help entertain M

Perrin Slowey

We just returned home from China 3 months ago adopting number 2 daughter. We took 4 1/2 year old daughter with us. It was a ball. I'd do it again all over. However, we also took my father and had two hotel rooms, which was immensely helpful. She loved China, her birthland and was so grateful to be along on the trip. Take a little DVD player for Dumpling and it will be your savior. She had a hard time with jet lag and it allowed us to sleep at 3am when she was up and rockin'. Don't worry about taking lots of food, we found tons she loved to eat, she's not picky though. Pack a swimsuit for her if you will be a a hotel with a pool. Both the kids loved the pool and we were saved by it.
We took her to every official meeting and consulate appt. and it helped so much with bonding with her sister and helping her with feeling a little less left out. Have fun with it all and safe travels.

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