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April 07, 2007



Aren't the Blue Jays on TV? They are playing Tampa Bay in the most important game of past 3hrs(?)

I know who the Sabs are. What exactly are Habs? More importantly, will I be allowed entry into your fine country if I can't answer this question? Not having a valid license already keeps me out on certain occasions.


We are watching college hockey tonight, which is mostly Canadian players. Michigan State vs. BC. But we know how important the leafs/habs game is because hubby is a HUGE leafs fan (me I am a rangers fan). But we live in Carolina Hurricanes territory and being the stanely cup champs has to count for something......

Enjoy and have some kosher wine....you need booze to watch hockey. Me, I am drinking but it is by default: easter chocolate/wine weekend!!!!


Well, I am a hockey girl except for this year because my team started out the season in last place and ended it in last place and they were so abysmal that I couldn't stand to watch. Go Habs! And my sympathies. There's always next year.


Dude. Dude, DUDE! (shaking my head in sadness). As an imaginary Candian (I grew up near Buffalo) and a HUGE Hockey fan, I watched that game too. Sorry about the Habs, but really, you aren't a hockey fan? Dude? I am so sad. All of my thoughts about you are crushed! Crushed! (of course, my team is #1 in the East! Can you say HOME ICE? I knew you could!)

Isn't Mead kosher for Passover? Congrats on surviving passover!


No, really, what's a Hab? I've been waiting for an answer. I thought it might come to me when I was concentrating on something else, but I've been concentrating on a lot of thing, but I've got nothing re: Habs so I have to embarrass myself and expose my hockey naiveté.

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