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August 28, 2007



For the trip, I'm getting the Clinique "Moisture Sheer Tint SPF 15" at Holt Renfrew on Sept. 5th: they have a special event with gifts starting at 6PM, and the nice lady promised me some stuff for the nannies' gifts... See you there? :o)

I hope everything went well for your dad!!!


Is Kiehl's available at your department stores locally? I've been very happy with their products, of course I'm now using Creme De La Mer, which is ridiculously overpriced, but it's heavy enough for me to use at night, and let my skin absorb it so I'm not dry and flaky during the day. Kiehl's is reasonably priced and I like that the SPF seems to work well.


Hope your dad is fine. Can you now call him the bionic dad?


Hoping your dad is okay. Never fun to watch a parent go through any kind of surgery. Somehow makes them appear more vulnerable than we would like.



Hope dad comes through with flying colors. The folks I know w/ bionic knees or hips say it was like a miracle after they healed up.

cat, galloping

how about cetaphil?

good luck to your dad!


Hope your dad's surgery went well.


Hi MM,

Delurking to wish your Dad well - you've certainly have had more than your fair share of the medical issues this year...
As far as moisturizer goes, I've heard fantastic things about creme de la mer; I just recently started using this:
Although pricey, it is fantastic. I noticed a big difference right away..

Looking foward to hearing what you decided to go with!


Bobbi Brown makes a lovely tinted moisturizer. Can be purchased online or at any high-end dept store.


Does the sun shine that much in Canada? news to me, but I've got the whole frozen north, Mrs. Mike way of thinking about our gracious and vast neighbor. Try this, it's inexpensive, so if you don't like it you won't feel badly about letting it go sour in your cosmetics drawer: Neutrogena Healthy Defense, 45 spf, both UVA (tanning bad rays) and UVB (burning bad rays) and comes tinted or untinted and smells okay and doesn't sting that badly when you sweat and it gets in your eyes. Not to imply that you would ever sweat, you seem way too pulled together to drip from your forehead, but should you glow, your eyes won't sting.

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