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August 30, 2007



If she's anything like Ryleigh, she will LOVE school, especially because her big sister (or big brother in Ryleigh's class) set the tone of loving it. Ryleigh especially loves her backpack (Dora of course).


Me Keeew is pretty good. She will either love or hate. I think that seems to be the way it will go. But you never know.

I kinda see her just walking in and having a blast and coming home with a story you can't understand.

And 75% of her food is awsome. And I think I may boil me some eggs tomorrow.

Oh...lastly. Moisturizer. I used to use clinique. Now I use nuetrogena daily something with 45 spf. It is good, easy to buy and cheaper than the brand stuff. It also doesn't give me zits and covers the 2 spectrums you need. My giant weird brownspot on my face hasn't gotten any bigger with it and that is all that matter (oh and the no zits.)

(and I am going PW. I added you to my list so you know)---J


Well, if you had any doubts left, BB is really telling you what she wants! I love the "keeewww", I can just hear it. Yay for 75% and yay for your dad too!!!

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