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August 02, 2007



That update is just the icing on the cake on a pretty unbelievable day! Thank you! And thank you... :o)


well, there you go! she commented and linked, so check out Natalie's blog, with the yummy goodness to come in a week or so, because in Canada, we torture our APs and make them wait to see the pictures!


Oh, you little one sounds like such a sweetie! Have a wonderful b-day party.


Wow! You look amazing. I love your hair. The dress and bracelet cuff are fabulous. How fun it was for me to see you speaking French.

That cell phone thingy looks pretty cool.


oops! I meant for the above comment to be placed on the previous post.

Glad to hear all the updates with BB.


Happy early birthday BB! Glad things going so well!

Cat, Galloping

what a pleasure it is to read this sweet, sweet update!

Sister Carrie

I'm so pleased to hear how well things are going! You took action at just the right time. Enjoy your wonderful family.

Ang :o)

This is so great! Isn't it amazing how much they progress! When did you travel? We've been home 6 months today! I didn't realize you had gone so closely to when I went. Congrats on the progress! Your daughters are beautiful and I love the new pierced ears!

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