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August 26, 2007



Funny! I used go naked (no moisturizer, no SPF) most days of the week, but I recently committed to maintaining my meal ticket, too. (Ha!) The product I swear by is eye cream. Nothing makes as much jof an instant difference as eye cream. Sorry to throw another product at you while you're in the early stages of habit-changing, but it's worth it.


Not that you're looking for advice, but I thought I would share some any way. I have acne-prone skin & have spent WAY too much money on skin care remedies. Seriously, nothing has worked for me like Proactive. I used to make fun of that shiz, now I'm a convert.


Okay- You didn't ask, but here goes, I use Mary Kay's face wash and then follow up with the acne cream. Works wonders. If I skip the acne cream, then I look like a teen.... Sigh

Ang :o)

lol. this cracked me up! it's nice to know someone out there doesn't do those things. i don't know ANYONE that i physically see daily, that doesn't do those and that doesn't where make-up. i've gone through short spurts of spending money on fun things and wearing them for a bit but it never lasts. i prefer naked skin. although i too just bought moisturizer with spf and and said i was going to wear it daily. that was 2 weeks ago. i've worn it three times. oh well. good luck to you!

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