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October 01, 2007


Cat, Galloping

The playground is BORING unless you have another adult to talk to.


Seems like the daycare should be the ones encouraging the kids on sharing etc. seeing as how they were taking over a public facility. I would have gone home too. ~lmc


AMEN to hating the park....my girlfriends always talk about having a big family day out at a public park and it's all I can do not to run screaming from the conversation! I don't like to take my kids to crowded places and, let's be honest, everybody else's kids are rotten (well, maybe not all of them but it seems like the rotten kids' mothers LOVE the park). There's always a bully and somebody coughing all over the place or hogging the play equipment or a broken beer bottle under the slide. Much nicer to be at home. There! I've said it! I have three young kids and I HATE the park! I feel liberated!!!


and what's with sharing anyway! why should a kid share her stuff with a kid she doesn't even know? or even with a kid they do know? exactly how much of YOUR stuff are you sharing with strangers or friends even? i know how much of MY stuff i am sharing...about none, thank you very much. that is why it is MY stuff! get your own!

Brooklyn Mama

Oh, man, I hate the playground too. Ugh. I can't stand all the forced! Social! Interaction! And yes, it's the worst with a toddler in the mine stage. I remember it well.


The playground is deathly boring. It is especially rough when you are the one guy within miles and there is no decent coffee to be found anywhere.


Kevin takes over the park duty..he enjoys it. Me, not so much. I would much rather play at home with S.

And? We happen to live within walking distance of three fabulous parks. Gah. It makes my argument against them even weaker.

Take care.


Oh my god I hate the freaking park!!!!!!! The older kids are pains, and the other moms act so nasty!

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