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November 07, 2007


Herb Urban

Very cute pictures. Lil Urban likes to dress up in clothes three times too big for her. In other words, anything my mom recently bought her. btw, thanks for reminding me I forgot to TiVo that Oprah with Seal and Heidi Klum.


I remember those visits from the language police. I worked at a biotech in Laval (more than ten years ago) and we had to run the French versions of all the Microsoft programs. It was such a pain - they don't even use that software in France. We also had to take down all the English motivational signs on the wall because the text was too big. The signs were really cheesy, so we only wished they had made us take down the French versions too. Nobody in the US believes me when I tell them about it, though.

Love reading little snippets of life in Montreal and your awesome crafting. Do you have holiday craft plans that you can share?


Love the pictures of BB. She looks like she's the willing victim in these photos. Sorry about the floor AGAIN. And I can't wait to hear about the language police. What was the transgression?


Taking notes here, taking notes... I'm still at the "having fun emptying the basket of baby socks" with Yummy (which she is doing right now...), but now, I have a plan! :o)

So sorry about the floors! S and I were talking about it: for what it's worth, I think we we actually said a few swear words on you behalf to the renovation spirits...

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