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October 19, 2008



So glad you all had fun!


I am getting married in two weeks on Castaway Cay. How Hot was the hot? I am from MD and it gets hot here (more so then Canada) but how hot was it?

SOunds like you had fun though.

Oh were you on a 4 day cruise? If so was pirate night on the Castaway Cay night or on the Bahamas night?


Katie J

So glad you had a good time. Perhaps I can get my hubby on a cruise sometime.


Yeah, we'll be going there in 2010. I'm confused by the BB reference. I thought, reading the fine print, that they didn't allow kiddos younger than 5 years old into the kids club - precisely for the potty reasons mentioned?


Heh. I just got smacked by my sister for waking up my 3 month old niece with my insane cackling. That inner tube story is priceless.

Glad you guys had fun.


Stuck in an innertube??? BWAAHAHAHAHAH!!! That was a fantastic story.
I agree with the no-joke-ship-removal. The people who were so pleasant for the duration of your trip are suddenly drill sergeants demanding your immediate de-shipping. Food? Forget food! You must leave immediately! I do feel slightly bad for the crew, though. They only have a few hours to be grouchy, non-Disney-like crap-heads before a new batch of cruisers board and they have to be all smiles all over again.
Could you imagine the non-stop happiness?


Sounds fabulous! Where do I sign up for this??


How were the oh-so-cheap flights from Plattsburgh? Anything to write home about, or just cheap?


I have been researching cruises for my hubby and me over March break (not Dis*ey as we're leaving the kiddos home) but I don't know if I can go now as I have a new fear of getting stuck in an inner tube! LOL The looks on the girlies' faces on the Teacups......bliss!

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