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October 25, 2008



That urge I occasionally get for country life - GONE!!lol Hope you don't find anymore unexpected guests and can relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Halcyon Mama

Oh dear. That's pretty gross, although I'm more grossed out by the flies than the dead rodent. I actually think rodents are cute, even when dead. But yeah. Yuck. You need to hire a caretaker to go in and set things to rights and clean before you arrive each fall.


EW EW EW EW EW! Good for you for dealing with it with such equanimity -- I would have probably fled screaming. I have a thing with bugs. I'm shuddering just THINKING about it. Ugh!!!


EEEEWWWW! My first thought with the flies was dead rodent. Ehch, gross. Hope the rest of your weekend is relaxing.


That's one of the grosser stories I've ever heard in my life! You poor thing!


Ew and Ew! Just gross... I think I'd hire someone to do that job for me from now on... you know- open the place up and get it ready for winter.

Let them deal with the rodents and flies... Ewww


Oh ew, live and dead flies? Poor you, I'm sort of shuddering at what it must have been like to see a dead rodent. Yurch.


Lol I love how you tell these stories, I was expecting something dead to pop up at any time during your post... only to have one at the end, totally disconnected from the rest! Kind of anti climatic, in a way!

I hope the rest of the weekend was eventless.


Ha ha ha! So sorry to laugh but I know exactly what you are talking about! Cottage Life is never easy and you never know what to expect. We don't usually have problems with bugs or rodents. Our problem du jour is the furnace that doesn't work all the time (even after replacing it). I have come in the middle of winter more than once to find the entire place frozen over completely. And each time, I have been alone with my girlfriend while Gord is usually in Florida or Arizona. Not fun!

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