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October 28, 2008



I have the same problem with S. I can't buy her trousers her size in length because once I've tightened the elastics enough for them to hold up, she looks like she's wearing diapers. Dresses look like sacks of potatoes. The only brands I can buys her jeans or trousers in is Esprit and Mexx - not the cheapest, I know... Don't forget asians are built thinner than Western kids - that's the case for mine as well. On top of it it sounds like both our girls are particularly skinny for their height, so the two added up together makes shopping difficult. At least yours is lucky she has an awesome seamstress as a mom!


All I can say is I get it. My daughter lives in leggings and dresses...it's very rare for me to find a pair of pants that fit her. She's almost 4 years old and years a size 4 top, a size 3 dress and would need a size 2 pant but they're too short. I've recently discovered the Yogini brand which is basically yoga year (think Lululemon) for kids. The waists are elasticized and there are drawstrings so I got a few pairs of the pants for those cold winter days! Can't wait to see the kids' costumes. I can't sew at all, so it's boring storebought stuff for us.



My niece got a pair of skinny jeans from Gap in her size (ok, she's 2, so they were bought for her) and the poor kid couldn't walk up stairs because they were too tight to bend her knees. But, they were LOOOOONG!
Her grandparents like to spoil her with "brands" and they seem to run really small, too.


I have the same problem, both my kids are quite tall for their ages but they're lean. I have trouble buying pants for my son, if they're long enough in the leg, they're too huge in the waist. Thank goodness for drawstrings! Also, I have yet to buy a pattern for a Halloween costume where the sizing isn't way off and required my altering.


I have the opposite problem - my Alice was 2 a fortnight ago, she's now wearing age 3 in some brands with a few age 2 and even some age 4s! She can't wear G*ap as they're too narrow, so are most of the French clothes I bought while we were on holiday.
(Alice was adopted from Yunnan last July, she must be the exception that proves the rule about Chinese children being smaller and leaner than Western children!)


I sew a lot too and I know what you mean. My older daughter isn't even super tiny like my almost 3 year old but gee whiz whenever I sew a pattern the sizing always comes up huge and seriously does not match the clothes I buy them at stores. It's very strange and obviously the pattern people do not talk to each other or the manufacturers of store bought clothes either. I've almost given up on patterns and instead often wing it with simple ideas modifying girls tee shirts and making rectangles into fluffy skirts. Although, when your baby asks you for Alice In Wonderland...what's a crafty momma to do?


R is the same as Alice, as Kate mentioned! She is 3, and wears size 4, and sometimes size 5 tops from Next and Gap, yet will still wear 2-3 trousers. She is from Hunan, and does not fit the profile of the really petite chinese girl at all, she is a little chubster, although losing some of it a little now as she is 3. People have said to me that she looks more typically tibetan, or sichuan than Hunanese. As far as french clothes ie Du meme au pareil, well she has to wear size 5 or 6!! They are so tiny. Have you got that store in Montreal? I guess those clothes would fit Dumpling really well? Maybe not BB as she is more like my DD. The Alice wondeland outfit os gorgeous!


I'd say yes, kids are getting bigger now. I stand at 5'2" and these days I see elementary school kids who are taller and heavier than I am. I just figure its something in the water, I honestly don't remember any of my classmates being that tall when we were in elementary school.

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