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April 09, 2005



Oh...I thought I posted here yesterday! Doh.

Anyway, yes, I totally hear you. Only I feel like I usually operate at 10MPH and the I get manic and speed up to about 150MPH (because even when I'm on a roll I still take many breaks to rest. You know, vacuum 10 minutes, rest for 5, read a magazine, repeat). I'm terribly impressed with your productivity. And yes, Dumpling definitely needed a bath after her activities! I'm all for expanding your retail empire. I think you should open one in Brooklyn as well.


A second store! Congratulations!I would image that a woman who could build such lovely things could handle a second store. I admire your handiwork! Also, the Dumpling is as lovely as ever! Hey, any hints on that T.V. show yet? Such suspense. It's not TAR is it??


You're a dynamo! I'm impressed. Congrats on the 2nd store!

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