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April 14, 2005



Please email me the synopsis of Survivor. Both DH and I forgot to tape it. I am upset I missed it.

Good luck on the new store and the "surprise" show!


Hey - this "not so secret" show is a secret to ME. Is it Trading Spaces, perhaps?

re: Survivor - I just watched Survivor for the first time in weeks last night - what a good episode. I will be watching this one to the end now.

Big news? I am pregnant. Still a little shocked about it, frankly. I had always been told I would have "issues", so it was a surprise. I feel like a jerk having lurked all these infertility sites for the past year in preparation for what surely was going to be infertility for me. Not complaining (OF COURSE), just feeling stupid and shocked. Dumb doctors. Sigh.

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