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April 20, 2005



petit bateau underwear...we found some in like 18 month or two year sizing that fit C. when she starting potty training (she was about 22-23 lbs when we started). C. has absolutely no butt or hips, but petit bateau worked pretty well (wash them in hot and dry them on high before the first wear)


Congratulations on the potty! That is AWESOME that she is showing interest. My step-mom tried bribery with my younger siblings - with little success.

Also, laser hair removal rocks. My dream is to get my legs done someday.


The smallest I have found are size 2T Dora the Explorer underpants at Target (do they Target there?)

Even though the Nemo and Hello Kitty looked like the same brand, they are much larger. My real problem is the pants. They won't stay up without the fluff of a diaper. In the summer it should be easier because she can wear dresses, I guess.


Count yourself blessed! Our daughter, adopted from Russia at age 15 months, just turned five and is STILL not completely trained. She has more important things to do, like read and write, so she can't be bothered to stop and use the pot. Blessed indeed.

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