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June 19, 2006



Kind of like the time I thought the dotter had broken my nose, when she bounced up just as I was leaning down to kiss her...Ah, the perils of parenthood! People don't really talk about this kind of thing, y'know!

Pink Devora

OMG, that's funny...yet painful!

Well, my sister broke my tooth when I was 9...does that compare? We were both doing jumping jacks, I stopped, she didn't...crunch.

Anyways, I suggest purple eyeshadow and a red hat.


Long time lurker!! Too funny. 5 yrs ago I jumped off my son's bed, tripped on a toy and the left side of my face met the strike pin side of the door - knocked me out cold too!! Bad thing is I cracked my cheek bone and went to work the next day with a black eye! Even worse? New at the job, it's my birthday, and hubby sends me roses...so I'm walking out with a black eye and roses and getting many strange looks!!

Wear the bruise with pride sister!!


Ella almost knocked out the hubby in a park in DC while I was at a meeting. Can you imagine if she had? He said it took all his strength not to pass out. Oh, she was swinging a stick around calling it her hammer. What our kids do...

Glad to know you're ok. And hope that Dumpling isn't too shaken up anymore.


Ouch! I hope the brusing isn't too bad. My little man fell on my face once when we were horsing around and broke my nose. The ER Doc had a hard time keeping a straight face when I told her.


Another lurker - while co-sleeping soon after returning from China, my hard-headed baby cracked me right in the eye with her skull when turning over in bed. I immediately burst into tears and thought I was blind - of course, the lights were out since we were sleeping. My husband came in the room and thought I was having a nervous breakdown from lack of sleep, instead of having an eye injury...mild bruising and a good story to tell.

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