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June 05, 2006



I looooove me the Grey's Anatomy and the Patrick Dempsey! Season two is a killer, especially the finale shows. I bawled like a baby during and after that one. Happy torrenting!

that girl

Welcome to the Grey's Obsession! Yippee!


My sister LOVES Grey's Anatomy and has gotten me to watch it too. :) Yes, you should get the Closer. It is great and comes back on this coming week. Woohoo!

LID 10/31/05


Speaking of TV, have you heard that Big Brother is an all-stars, you pick who's in one this summer? I am kind of embarassed to admit how very excited I am about it. Too bad Dr. Will won the game. He likely won't be back, he was sooo my fave of all time.


I too am struggling with GO. It's that FACE she pulls. The "Don't I Look GORGEOUS When I Squint Like This And Do a Cat Smile?" face. Very similar to the Neve Campbell Squint'n'Pout (TM). Ugh. Is it really worth perservering? Alisa keeps telling me it is.

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