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January 25, 2007



I NEED those socks... does your store have a website we can order from?

Cat, Galloping

go gift girl, go! i totally want the towel apron *and* the socks! but i guess gatito is too big for the socks. :(


I want that towel!! Great job!



See, if they had put your website info/store location info on the segment you could have peddled some of your stuff here too....ha ha. Safe trip.


Katie J/Maylee Beezir

You do remind me of Tina Fey. With a great Canadian accent and fab gift ideas.

Real reason for commenting today?

Congrats, good luck and can't wait to hear about the trip and see pics of Sprout and Dumpling together. Oooh, I wanna go back so badly!


Another great segment! I wish she didn't call you "Gift Girl" though, maybe we can all think of a more fabulous name for while you're gone.
Safe travels! I'll be hot on your heels, well, from the other side of North America, but you get the idea.

Doris Clark

Great piece!

Have a wonderful and memorable trip! Can't wait to see pics!

Keep smilin!

atomic mama

SIX pee pee tee pees for $12? Now THAT'S a bargain!!! Fun stuff! Now have a great trip...!!


You totally steal the show from that "presenter lady".

Now go get the Sprouty!

Miss Cellania

Ohh, I enjoyed the video! Now, take a deep breath and have a wonderful time in China!


You went from Shopping Lady to Shopping Girl in one episode. That has to be a promotion, because you waxed that presenter chump like a candle. Sorry, I've been watching too many VH1 reality shows of late. How was Vanilla Ice ever A-list material. Anyway, you rocked!

Have a wonderful time in China!


I have the baby wrap towel. It is terrific.

I haven't seen them in California though. I guess they are only sold in Canada?

Mrs Figby

You are just TOO FABULOUS!


My husband got sick in Guangzhou and we had a good experience at the Can-Am clinic - MDs are from or trained in English-speaking countries ---


Hong Kong is the closest place with American-style hospitals (I was told this by an MD I know who trained in Beijing).

And finally - air ambulance insurance - these folks offer packages for short terms to cover a single trip -


Hopefully this information will be entirely unnecessary, and I hope you don't mind that I even brought it up!

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