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February 23, 2007



Chicken looks awesome but please explain what the pink thing is. Is that some Kosher chicken leg holder?


i'm mesmerized by your chicken. Wow!
Glad you had a better day.


Do I need direct TV to get "Shalom in the Home"? What was the deal with that Oprah Oscar special last night were all the stars interviewed each other? Does Oprah just go around adding her name to shows in which she does not appear? Not that I watched. I only noticed because it was on after Grey's Anatomy, which I only watch because of the wife! Thank god they did not kill off Meredith!


Oh! That's just grand. I thought Mortimer's Mom would be safe from Grey's Anatomy spoilers since I was on a aircraft somewhere over the Pacific when it aired, and Herb went and ruined it (but I only watch because of the wife!)

I, too, wondered what the pink thing is. It looks kind of kinky.


Oh, so glad today was a better day for you all. Enjoy the vino!


I think it is quite cunning. You can be on tv burt you are sure nobody you know will see it (probably a lot will but they can't admit to that can they?)

I so hope you'll work it out soon. Poor dumpling and poor sprout!


Shalom in the Home is available in Canada on TLC. It's not bad but some of those folks can be slap-worthy!


Hooray for a little BB progress and delish chicken.


only MY readers would see kinky where there is no kinky!
http://www.thefoodloop.com/ that is the pink thing... very practical.


Okay, the FoodLoop is just too cool. I may have a tchochke to buy OmegaDad for his birthday now...


Um, what's shalom in the home? Is this something I need to start watching?


Ha! Good point about Rabbi Schmuely. SITH is actually quite good. I agree that many, in fact most, of the people he counsels are somewhat slap-worthy, though.

The food looks excellent. You must invite me for Shabbat next time I am in Canada. Although not during Lent like now. I would merely be looking longingly at the chicken and and up eating all the Challah that I would bring as a nice addition to the meal.


That is one purty bird.

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