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February 25, 2007



The girls are adorable and your handwork is outstanding Great job!!!!!


Dumpling has gotten so big!


Very nice!

Mrs Figby

So cute! See, it would take me a week or more to manage that. You are too, too talented!


Wow - way to get your craft on! The girls look so cute in their shirts!

Cat, Galloping

they look great! glad you made the time to do it.


Oh I love them and they look great on your two fabulous girls.


So totally cute! I can't believe you did that in one night! I can scrapbook, but I so cannot sew. I can't believe I just typed that. I so cannot sew? How lame. Anyway, those are very cute.


Is there anything you cannot do? Wow, those tops are super cute. After my kids go to bed I pretty much just fold clothes and watch tv :0) Every time I try to sew, I wind up crying (literally) out of frustration. Not so theraputic for me!

Great job....things seem to be on the upswing for you guys. You are in my thoughts.


A-Dorable! I love them. How did you get the ribbon on the neck? Will the tshirt fray where they are woven in? What a way to get back in the groove


Oh the look on dumplings face. She looks like thinking I am not quite sure about you little one...


Dumpling and Sprout are both so cute! Sprout has the looks that so many Chinese envy. You are a lucky family to have such wonderful children.


OMG. You have now officially put me to shame. They're fabulous.


Never in a million years could I even conceive of this concept. Totally amazing. And your girls are so beautiful!

atomic mama

Those are great! The kids are pretty cool, too...

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