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February 10, 2007


Cat, Galloping

welcome home!


Welcome home!!!!

Mrs Figby

Welcome home! May sleep be easy and plentiful for all of you for the next few days.


Welcome home!!! Hope you guys are all doing well and get rested.

atomic mama

Welcome back. Have fun shopping!


Welcome back to balmy Canada! LoL.

Too bad about having to go shopping again (note the sarcasm). Have fun with your girlies.


Welcome home! It's been great to follow your journey, thanks for sharing.


Welcome home!


Welcome home!

Katie J

Welcome home!

Ah, yes it is quite chilly now. Have you tried "Baby Legs" for the girls? They're little leg warmers and if you search using those words, you'll be able to find them with free shipping sometimes. Buttons loves them!

Sister Carrie

Yay! The pictures from China were wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing Sprout in her new home environment.

Bobbi Jo

Welcome! Hopefully you're all back on schedule quickly. Enjoy!


welcome home!

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