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February 01, 2007


Heather G

Sprout you are scrumptious! Huge hugs to you and your family. Have fun in Beijing and a safe trip home.



She is just precious. Glad her funny personality is coming out. Enjoy this special time!


She is just the cutest! I want to gobble those cheeks!

Brooklyn Mama

She is so incredibly adorable it takes my breath away. I'm so happy for you guys, and big sister too.


Your killing me with the cuteness. Man. You're in trouble. She could get away with anything with that smile.


Good to hear everything's going well (but boring!)


Oh but she is such a darling! Remember boring can be a good thing and at least you will be raring to go when you get to Beijing.

Also if you had all just eaten those sausages the first time they served them up you wouldn't have had to keep seeing them ;)

Cat, Galloping

she looks so happy!


Ai-she is so incredibly cute-amazing smile!


She is too cute! That smile would melt an iceberg.

Speaking of reusing food, a friend of mine put a pea into an untouched jello cup (on her tray) at a cafeteria once as an experiment.....guess which jello cup was in the fridge for sale the next day. Yuck!

Have a great trip home, happy packing.


she is sooooooo cute!


Wonderful pictures - such a happy face!

Pink Devora

Ah! She's so cute. Happy that things are going well.


She's beautiful! Love that smile. Okay, get packing for the next leg...sounds like Beijing will be a relief after this week. Happy travels!

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