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February 20, 2007



I so can't wait for our little one to get home! The good, the bad, the ugly - bring it on!!!



Try to remember the good stuff on the very BAD days, hard as it may be. Better days are coming!


Our girl is the same way. She does not let any food hit the floor, unless she is "refunding" just as several members of the dinner party are cracking into their lobster.


Oh I hope it gets easier soon. The first few weeks are brutal with new one at home. She will come around and when she does she'll be staring into your eyes giggling and insisting on riding your hip for the better part of the day. Hugs to you, as this has got to be tough on Momma as well.


Gosh, the eating brings a smile to *my* face. Glad you have some bright spots.

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