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February 18, 2007



So happy to hear about the visitors...had I been closer, and definitely if I was related, I would have been at the airport with banners, gifts, cake, champagne.....

Sorry to hear about the rotten night, here's hoping today will be better. We'd hate for you to have to shave your head in February! Brrr.


Wow. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough homecoming. If I weren't in Israel (and if I knew you) I would've been at the airport with Melissa with welcoming arms. Hopefully things will get better soon.


Put the razor down.

Brooklyn Mama

It's been the same way here too. I second that UNCLE. Here's hoping things get better very very soon. Like now.


Things *will* settle down soon. Really. So back away from the buzz-cutter! I hope dog is better soon, and that you can get some sleep, and that you have no more sudden midnight deconstruction happening!

Katie J/Maylee Beezir

Ok, that's an UNCLE, an AUNT and at least three COUSINS! Wishing you some joyous boredom. Who knew that could be a good wish for someone?

By the way, Happy New Year!


OK, your Britney comment gave me a good chuckle. ;o)

Sorry things aren't going so hot. Hoping it gets better soon!


On no! I hope Mortimer is okay, I hope Dumpling calms down and the iPod behaves.
I am so sorry about the shelves....



Oh man. I hope things turn around soon.

Bobbi Jo

Oh man, UNCLE indeed. Give yourself another week or two before you cut the hair. It can only get better from here, right? Ouch, cool 50's kitchy stuff broken into pieces?!?

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