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February 03, 2007



Wow! Good teamwork! After all that trauma, I don't think anyone can give you guys grief for trying to take it easy.


How absolutely terrifying and all I can think is thank goodness you have such an fabulous group of people there. I just knew your Dad was the sort of man you want on a trip like this, you should all be very proud of yourselves for coming through for this poor family.

Yep on the travel insurance and ummmmm did I not just say "boring is good"?

Please let us know how things go, I'm sending all good wishes to this poor family.

atomic mama

Can I hear a "HELL, YEAH!" for Canadians (and Belgians)?!!


Wow. Just, wow. That's a very scary situation! I'm glad everyone was on their toes, and that you guys took charge. I'm hoping all goes well for SickDad.

Pink Devora

Wow. Freaky. Hope he recovers soon. And ditto on the travel insurance. Totally.


I feel very guilty for being releaved that the emergency was not mortimers dad.. |But i was relieved for a splitsecond..Now I am just gutted for sickfamily..

Had to laugh because I was already feeling quite proud for my fellow countryman and then you changed the dutch into belgian ;-)

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