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March 30, 2007



Dubious shoe options for $200, Alex. You can definitely pull off pink better than I can.


Still cute as ever. Who is the lucky fellow to take you out dancing in your blue shoes? :)

I didn't post RF this week because the barrel is getting dry, and consequently, I am terrified of posting any high school dance pictures.


This reminds me of the Fug Girls scroll down fugs....cute 80s hair, cute dress...ack the bright pink tights and blue shoes! Too funny.


You have inspired me to dig out my own polka dotted dress photo. Mine was blue with red dots, I think. And a big white collar. And I wore it with bright red pumps. Uh huh.

Your dress actually looks like it was pretty cute. Well done. And I'm sure the cummerbund pulled the blue shoes together very nicely....


when did chicago mama go password protected? how do i get the password? thanks! love the digs!


The blue shoes with the hot pink stocking feel pretty current actually! Something about the 80's and color - pure genius. I can see the Pretty in Pink vibe you were going for. Very Molly Ringwold.

We are having a late Passover as my in-laws won't be getting here until Saturday. But get this - the stove is broken! All we have is a little convection oven. Will make for an interesting Passover but my in-laws are creative enough. It will be fine. Have a fun week with your girls and the rest of your family!

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