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March 01, 2007



J@ck Wagner Anonymous has helped millions of women with debilitating mom hair -- not that you have mom hair.


We returned from China about a week ago and I'm getting caught up. Sorry to hear of your trials upon return, but glad to read about the progress. I feel some of your pain, sleep is a trying concept in our house right now. Cute pictures of D and S/BB!


Mom's hair? I don't recall any hairstyle called mom's hair. With all due respect, Kellie's hair look so gorgeous. And you're saying it like it's something degrading. It's fine. Maybe if you'll try to wear yours that way you'll feel bubbly too. :^)


OMG. I know what you mean. I was on the phone with my mom when Kelly Pickler came out and my mom said "Oh, I think she got her boobs done!" Right after that Ryan asked her how she'd spent her money since the show. And we hung up to watch her sing. After the song, my mom called again and said "I hate her hair! It makes her look matronly!" I laughed and said, "did you not listen to the words?" She responded, "Yeah, yeah, but her hair is terrible... and her dress is terrible!" I told her that the song was about her mother and she said, "Well, she doesn't have a mother to tell her to wear another dress." Oy vey! We both love Kelly, though... depsite the hair and dress.

I'm glad to hear things with Beach Ball are moving in a positive direction! I've been following your journey for a little while now and I appreciate your candid discussion about the trials and tribulations of this experience. Sounds like you're doing a great job, though!! Hang in there!!!


I also love Kelly despite the boob job and the mom hair. Indeed it is mom hair! Country sexy mom hair, but mom hair nonetheless. I so much prefered her young perky look previously but perhaps she is trying to embrace the adult world, as an antithesis to Britany!

Now her hair AND boobs - is she going for a nouveau Dolly Parton look? Well, whatever, she's still hillarious.


Yall just need to hush the only reason yall are talkin about her is because your jelous that she is probbaly 100 times prettyer than all of yall and why are yall talking about her boobs thats a little perverted and gay so stop and talk about yourself then about her next time.

Isabella Swan

She looks different but she sings great


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