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April 13, 2007



Oh man. I like the beach towel.. I mean dress(?). I posted my El DeBarge picture weeks ago, but now I feel obligated to post my New Kids on the Block picture. I was a cross between Donny and Jordon, just Jewish and dorky and resembling neither.


OMG. That hair? Are you sure it was inspired by Madonna? Because it looks just like some pictures of Prince. Thank you, thank you--I'm loving your Retro Friday posts!

Mrs Figby

You just totally beat out the prom picture. The glove earring is the perfect accessory to this...um...ensemble.


I totally forgot about the one piece outfits! I had a couple. Are you making jewelry? See, crafty even then.


A mess, yes, but so fabulous. I think we should all take pictures of ourselves on those days when we are feeling extra fashiony and hang on to them for posterity. This is a classic.

Sister Carrie

But the person who should really be embarrassed is the one in the tube top sitting next to you (or is that one of those stretch-terry rompers?).

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