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April 20, 2007



I have the pattern for that exact cake! My mom made is for us and she saves everything, so she whipped out the instructions for my son's first birthday. Then she found the book it came from and I can now make a retro rocketship, a garbage truck and so many other kinds of cakes! Love the cute pic.


Oh, I've been an obsessed cake baker since I was 12 years old but I've never tried making a teddy bear cake! Or any animal or creature for that matter. I think baking is just another wonderful way to get one's "craft on"! I mean, look at that beautiful use of, is that, coconut?


You are cute indeed, but, err, is that candle stuck in the bear's eye?


The poor bear never had a chance.


Holy cow, I know that cake!

My mom had a small book from some mail order somethingerother. It was full of sheet cake recipes and how to cut and decorate them into interesting shapes. I believe I had the bear, a hot-air balloon, and a lady bug.


I had that same cake when I was either 2 or 3. I have pictures with it!

Too funny!

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