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April 06, 2007



Are my eyes deceiving me, or does the dress have pockets? Because that is very practical indeed. A prom dress with pockets- you have some place to put your hands if you are tired.

And I have to add that my first reaction was "wow." You are a vision in seersucker!


those aren't pockets! just yards, and yards, and yards, and yards of seersucker!!!!


oh my gawd


That is AWESOME!!!

Mrs Figby

Dude. The crimped hair makes the outfit. That is awesomely awesome.


You win. No one needs to do Retro Friday anymore. You win. Stop. Please stop. I can't take it anymore.


i'm in love with the crimped hair.


i'm in love with the crimped hair.


You are a VISION.


Amazingly, your dress look quite similar to my prom date's dress. She wore a huge, poofy, peach dress with bows too. Mrs. Figby has been bugging me to find my prom pictures, so I guess I will try to post them for another Retro Friday. Figlet, you haven't seen anything yet.


I went to see my old high school's production of Footloose the other night. All the girls in the play had crimped hair and crazy prom dresses. I have decided I really am old when the songs we used to listen to have been adapted for the stage and the dresses we wore to the prom have become props! You'd have fit in great in your seersucker dress, and my fuscia vision with the huge butt bow would have stolen the show! Everybody cut, everybody cut....Footloose!


You are one lovely prom attendee.

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