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May 31, 2007



Happy Metcha Day!!


Congrats! Look at those Looooong legs! Mamma's not going to be able to pick her up soon!


Ahhhh. Look at what a big girl she is now! And such a big smile! Happy Metcha Day!


What a wonderful three years!

I say definitely work the dress. :o)

Katie J

What a great idea! You both look great! Happy Family Day!


Congratulations on this day! To me, Family Day is the most important day of the year. I just love it!


Man dumpling was a cute little baby wasn't she. Now she is a big beautiful girl. Soo sweet. Made me teary on this day of screaming children!

doris day

Hey I do that too! I met Elliott in a blue J Crew sweater and now I wear it every year on February 15. Here's to the timeless quality of J Crew--8 years and it hasn't lost its charm.

Happy get-to-know-how-wonderful-life-can-be Day!


Happy family day!

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