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May 30, 2007



Oh but how I love your girls, they are so delish!

Heather  Ann

I need to know where you got that T-shirt! Mini Diablo! Ha! I have a child who needs to wear that T-shirt. Actually, my 2-year-old-today devil-child.


Funny about Disney. We took our kids to a hotel with a water slide about two hours away in a small town for Good Friday night and tried to convince them that it was Disney world....they didn't buy it but it was fun no less. They had never stayed in a hotel before and we ate out for EVERY meal, they were in kid heaven!


Hubs looks to be feeling better. I can't believe how fast your little one is growing up - she looks totally different than when you first met. Love the t-shirt. Do you guys sell the "I'm not a boy" one too? I suppose I better look at the store link to get my answer.

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