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May 29, 2007



Yay! Home again! Crack that whip over MortimersDad so he doesn't do anything he's not supposed to!


I'm so glad for all the good news! So how to get MD to not "do" for a while? Can you come up with a job for him that doubles as resting-like maybe researching some decision you are trying to make or something?
Yay for great babysitters-shower her with everything;) ~lmc


So glad MD is home!


Excellent that MD is home and that you were able to get some MM time.


I'm so glad to hear MD is home and doing better.

Katie J/Maylee Beezir

Hooray for y'all! (I want to go see Waitress too.)


I've been behind in my blog reading... so glad to hear that he is home and okay. Good luck withthe rest thing!


Glad to hear that Mortimer's Dad is home and feeling better! Your super sitter sounds great. Take care now.


So glad Mortimer's Dad is home and doing better. I am very certain you and the girls are too. By the way when you have time I tagged you in a childhood memories meme here


I'm so glad MD is home.

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