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June 04, 2007



Ah yes, Michael Schoeffling: the poor man's Matt Dillon. Fine choice of movies. Was that the John Hughes film that featured the "The Ghost in You" on the soundtrack? Love that song.

"Blane, that's not a name, that's a major appliance"

Are you sure that quote is not from Waiting For Guffman?


A quality movie, for sure, but I was always certain that after the credits started to roll her dress would burst into flames from the proximity to those candles!


Oh my word, how I needed that laugh so hard tonight! I do think it's always something of a toss-up between Sixteen Candles and Pretty in Pink, though you are right that Michael pushes it over the top. I, too, always wondered what happened to him - think I read it in People or some such thing about the carpentry. And my boyfriend C Thomas Howell... I think I still have the "autographed" postcard somewhere, and I believe I still remember his birthday correctly as Dec 7th. Ok, so it is an infamous day in history and was my best friend's birthday as well, but still... Can't wait to read what your fav movie is, I suspect it'll be on my list too. I think it's time for John Hughes to break out the movie-making again!


This movie is one of my all time top 5. Might be #1 actually. It makes me cry EVERY TIME, when the music changes and the cars part and their is JAKE leaning on his porche at the wedding and she mouths "me" Ahhh...I love that!

Ahhh, and the stereotypes...ahh the stereotypes.

I love all her clothes, STILL. I love the pink dress and clutch purse. I loved her haircut and have had it ALOT, and actually had it for a while this year. (the classic wedge). Then there is MAH and the geeks. Man, what a great movie.


MY FAVORITE! A good friend of mine was set up on a blind date (unbeknownst to me) with my "Jake Ryan". They have now been dating for a year. Such a great movie!!!

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