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June 30, 2007



oh, I remember my brother playing Strat probbly 30 years ago or more. Those cards brought back memories. I can remember him picking up a card that just looked like numbers and staring at it, saying "wow, this guy was amazing" because all that crap meant a lot to him.

I also remember him playing by mail with friends.

Don't know if he introduced his son to the game, but I wouldn't put it past him.


In our defense ...


Hilarious! Aren't they just irrisistable in their weirdness? So happy to see MD feeling better and having such a good time with his wife's other husband. It's a wonderful world.


I am halfway through the description of this post when Dr. Jay announces "Makes sense to me, Dick Pole was my favorite pitching coach too. But these days I'm partial to Bud Black"

(side note to anyone who cares Are these pitching coaches or porn stars?)

This is sad... even sadder that I am reading this post while watching the Indians and the Tigers on the MLB baseball package...


Apparently I am not allowed to bring up another pitching coach, O. Herschiser as in his name may give this blog an X rating.


I believe Stump Merrill may have dabbled a little in soft core films.

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