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June 08, 2007



You are on your own here. What, are you testing out new post material on me first? Ok, turnabout is fair play.

Three questions:

1) Does this mean Paris Hilton is African-American?
2) Why do Canadians need a U.S. propaganda news channel?
3) Did you lose your remote control?

Glad MD missed that segment. That is the last thing he needs to be watching while trying to get better.


Just say "No" to Faux News (that pun works extra well on a French-Canadian's blog, doesn't it?)


Doh! I mean, just say "Non" to Faux News.

Sister Carrie

I think Al Sharpton + Fox News has more credibility than, say, Brit Hume + Fox News. It's almost like the nonsense on each side cancels the other out. Maybe Fox is going to go all liberal now. That would be fun.


Does being the mayor come with anice necklace (do canadian mayors wear those things anyway?) Hope all will be better soon..Nothing as tiring as uncnertainty is hter (well maybe babies, and you got both!)


Kind of like slowing down to look at a wreck on the side of the road. Sometimes you just can't help it... or you don't have the energy to change the channel. Sending good thoughts for Mortimer's dad.

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