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July 19, 2007



We are there with Mia's hair. Not sure what to do about it. I want to grow and be messy baby hair eventually tuning into toddler hair and then cut and pigtailed. BUT the mullet...my lord the mullet. And it weighs down the sides. I will wait a bit I think but I can't wait for long hair!

Mrs Figby

They're so cute, both of 'em, and the new cut looks very nice. The other option, of course, would have been to increase the mullet by cutting the front shorter, then sending her off to live with Uncle Herb and Aunt D over in eastern Washington.

We'd been growing out Apples' hair at her request (she wanted to look like Mulan), but the combing out of the tangles every freaking day is getting old for everyone, plus she rarely lets me pull it back. So tomorrow it gets chopped into a short bob. I can hardly wait.


Ack.Too cute! I gotta come visit and pinch those cheeks.

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