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July 13, 2007



I'll remember not to show my bra during my next interview, even if it's not purple lace...


Hey Harry -- just remember to wear some pants or your bra will be the least of your worries.


it does boggle the mind, doesn't it?

we are in love with all the kids (15-early 20's) who teach swimming at the local pool, and would hire any of them in a heartbeat. We were talking to one who-- at 16-- has learned that working holidays helps the manager and thus the manager will help you when you need it. I told him that having learned that at 16 will help him go far in this world, and I believe it.

Of course, he gets to show up for work in a bathing suit...

Upside: your girls will learn a lot from watching you at the store over the years, and they will with luck never show up for any job interviews with their purple lace bras showing. Oy.


OH MY G-D! How did you not die of laughing at this kid?
I mean, first, a purple bra to a job where someone will see it (and it is not a prostitution ring...)
And then LACE? Man, I can see wearing it for confidence, but not where it shows!

(BTW) I hope the knee is doing better


I hate hiring people. A lot of my gen-x employees think that purchasing ALL of their clothing from Vic*torias Se*cret is appropriate work attire. Hello, you're working at a corporation, not a beach store! Fishnet stockings? Not so much.

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