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July 12, 2007


Sister Carrie

Is that the secret to getting stuff done? No interruptions? I get interrupted by "Mommy, look at this" so many times a day I think I'm developing ADHD.


First, I'm glad you're recovery is coming along. Second, reading this post brought back a fond memory. In one of my very first classes in nursing school,over a decade ago, my professor told us that she never, ever wanted to see us refer to a wound as pussy, to never write that in a medical record. As when written, that is a somewhat vulgar slang here, lol. I never forgot that, purulent is what you want to write :)


Megwith4, they still teach that in nursing school! (I just graduated) I was coming over to make the same comment. I will never, ever chart that after the lecture we got.

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