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July 24, 2007



Glad to hear that things went well! Yay for imaginative moms! I took good note (and smiled a lot!) of the Sleeping Beauty Monster technique: I have a feeling it might come in handy some day. And for the behavior, remember that 4 can sometimes be another phase just like the terrible 2s, except with more skills and more needs, both in langage and independance... Not easy, that's for sure!


We had an eeg done on Mia and it was awful. We had to do it for 4 hours. And then she got a giant rash from the electrodes and their goup.

What a relief to have the 6 month report over!


Good to hear no major issues.

Now one more report for BB and you are done with CCAA for this adoption. Yea!!

I was so relieved after the last report for Glenys. My mom even asked, "so they will let us keep her right?"


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