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July 02, 2007



How come I've never seen that decor of bobbleheads...so impressive, and of course they played on the floor surrounded by them...ha!


Herb and MD look like they're in their element there. Especially with the almost matching Expos jerseys.

What exactly is "old-people coffee?" Is that when you drink coffee with your lunch or dinner?

Mrs Figby

Hey, Dumpling was just marking her territory. Perfectly reasonable...

I'm wondering what "old people coffee" is, too.


"old people coffee" is essentially hot chocolate with just a slight hint of Maxwell House. It is wretched to the last drop.


OMG, look at all the bobbleheads!


A quick correction, because I do not want to mislead anyone. The true meaning of old people coffee is just nasty, two week old drip that could double as paint remover. What we had at The "Schmall", which is Yiddish for the dead mall where all the elderly Jews go to kill a few hours before the early bird, was just a really awful mocha. But since we were the only Schmall goers under the age of 70, I decided to lump in old people coffee with just crappy mochas.

Now maybe MM will stop accusing me of "misleading her readers".


All this time I was envisioning the guys getting together for some Fender guitar summit ROCK-off.

Never mind.


You must have us confused with two cool guys.

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