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July 30, 2007



OMG, too funny about Facebook! My husband joined a while ago, and I'm still bravely resisting, despite invitations from friendly people. I sense it's just a matter of weeks before I give up... Too bad I have to be at work tomorrow and can't watch TV! :o)


Pardon my Ludditude, but what is Facebook? Is it MySpace for adults? Please tell me it isn't some role playing social network site like SecondLife. Oy gevalt if it is.


I have been invited to peoples facebooks, a few from blog-land and I joined and I DON'T GET IT.

Be my Svengali!


Ooh! I'm on FaceBook! I thought I found you, but I wasn't sure if it was your or your hubby. I'll send you a friend request.


Oh phooey. I found you on LinkedIn, not Facebook, and I forgot how to spell your last name. Send me a friend request.

I'm on FB since it's the only way to keep up with my twenty-something sisters.

Wait! You're on TV tomorrow! You go girl! Now go pluck those eyebrows!


Wait, I thought FaceBoook was "MySpace for College Students." Are you trying to find an eBoyToy to go with your eSpouse? I've never quite understood those social networking sites. I like to keep my social well separated from my networking.


omg, me too. all the time. i just sent you a friend request.


I thought you had to be in college for FaceBook. Now I'm going to look.

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