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October 05, 2007



I'm guessing they're actually Asian lady beetles, which are difficult to manage. I think most people use a vacuum. Here's a link for more information:

I can't get good resolution on the tarragon picture. The grass with the bell like flowers confuses me, unless it is some sort of hybrid spiderwort? If you can get more detailed pictures, I could probably get an id for you-though I don't think you care so much about the name as what to do ; ) I wouldn't cut back, so much as thin out the root systems, since as you say, they used to be attractive, and it seems to be the clumping that's a problem.

JoAnn in NJ

I think the top plant is a grass, so you should cut it down this year, so the green growth grows around the brown. Cut it down to 2" above the dirt.

It's hard to see in these photos, but the other plant might be coreopsis. You can also cut all the brown spikey stems off and again cut the plant to 2" above dirt. But you should do both after the plant begins to turn brown.

Good luck!


The first plant has leaves that are very similar to my irises, but the stalks in the middle are different. I cut my irises back every fall in the same manner as JoAnn suggested and every year I have more. They're also pretty low maintenance and look beautiful, which is a great combination. I have no idea what the second plant is. If you ever want a book on gardening, I highly recommend the Reader's Digest garden book. Mine belonged to my Grandmother and I use it faithfully and its a great help to the novice gardener, which I am! http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/New-Illustrated-Guide-To-Garden-Readers-Digest-Readers-Digest/9780762102761-item.html?ref=Search+Books%3a+%2527readers+digest+gardening%2527

We had the Asian lady beetles the last few years in Toronto, harmless but they can be a nusiance. Oddly enough I really haven't seen many this year, so apparently they all headed East. Maybe their in the mood for an Orange Julep and a Mike's sub! ;)


Hello MM,

I think you are right - plant #1 looks to me like daylilys. I agree with the other comments - cut them down to an inch or two above dirt level. They should come back nicely next year. No clue about plant #2 or ladybugs - sorry! Good luck.


Plant 1 looks like daylilies to me, too. If yours have been untouched for at least 3 years, it's probably time to dig them up and divide them, which will give you more blooms & more plants next year.

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