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October 10, 2007



I enjoyed your answers. I grew up calling Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Kraft Dinner, too. My mom made it about three times a week though. She always served it with either tuna fish and LeSeur peas or fish sticks and LeSeur peas.

Mrs Figby

Hey, I took Russian, too, in college! All I remember how to say, though, is "I speak good Russian because my grandmother is Russian." Which is untrue in every possible way.

So sorry to jump in and worry you! (I'm paranoid about the same thing.)


Ahhh-I spoke Russian once upon a time-would love to be that disciplined again in languages-but there's so much fiber to distract!
My first mac and cheese was when I was babysitting-my mother didn't buy such things-but it's still my comfort food.
Looking forward to the tv show-you should do podcasts (for those of us without tvs-but also a good way to get started ;) ~lmc


Oopsie, sorry about the misfire.

I had Mac & Cheese from the middle school cafeterias. Never had it at home because it was never in my parents' history.


C'mon, that's not soooo much sugar. Have you tried Sugar in the Raw in place of the old processed stuff? It's a bit sweeter, not as much needed. I've never been part of a MEME chain ;-(


Hi - I've been following Johnny's rolling meme of doom with great interest across all the various blogs and have loved reading all of the variations. I don't usually comment, but because your favorite book is also one of my all time favorites, I feel obliged to point out that it is Anne-with-an-e. I'm glad I found your blog, and plan to stick around and lurk some more


You won't get any flack from me about not wanting to go to India. Me neither. My images are also from "The Amazing Race." No thanks.


I think you should have your own show NOW. Go get it. Go, go.


Please, like I'm overly worried about having a few more days to contemplate why I agreed to do this meme of doom? No toes stepped on here!

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