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October 22, 2007



Geez, hope your luck doesn't rub off via the web...my hubby and I are headed to the outlets in Maine for a long anniversary/my birthday weekend and we have LOTS to look for. No kids for us though, thanks to my sister. She's travelling five hours to our house to keep them for the weekend. Woo Hoo!

We also love to hit the US grocery stores for different goodies than we can get here. Not so worried about the Kosher but who can resist Chex mix coated in chocolate and full of M&Ms??


I could so hear MD's voice in my head "I got some clothes for myself, a ski suit for my kid, a bunch of crap at Target and 300$ worth of cereal and fruit roll ups"

That is normal isn't it, to hear MD's voice in your head, right?


p.s You don't want to be messing about in Vermont you need to come with me to the Hanna Anderson outlet - nobody leaves empty handed.


I live at the outlet stores near my place. I mostly shop for my son, but occasionally splurge on myself. I am going to be SO very sad when I move back to Canada and away from the outlet stores. Okay, I won't be sad for leaving the US, but I am going to miss the outlets very much. Canadian outlet stores just cannot compare. Also, I live by the Jelly Belly outlet. Need I say more? (Are Jelly Bellys kosher?)


There's a Hanna Anderson outlet store?! OMG. Thank heavens I'm totally on the other side of the country...


hanna fans... come to Portland, home of Hanna. We have an outlet and what we generally call the Mother Ship (meaning their main retail store). Ah, yes, hanna everywhere. Too bad the child suddenly refuses any and all dresses. They make other cute things, but the dresses and tights are so extra cute. And so moldering in my kid's closet. I have stopped buying them altogether. Sigh.

I am giggling about the conversation with the border guard. Bet he went home and told his friends about the people with no booze, but $300 worth of cereal and fruit rollups. hilarious. I remember Product 19! From when I was a kid in Philly. What a dumb-ass name for a cereal, if I may say so.


As for the dropping things, could be hormonal. I can't hold on to anything to save my soul when I'm PMSy.


There are GREAT outlets in O-town. Maybe hubs will heard the kiddies while you power shop. Don't worry, they have a luggage outlet so you can purchase a big ol' suitcase to schlep all the stuff home, too. Or (as I've done in the past) pack a small suitcase with stuff for the trip, place the full bag inside a larger suitcase and when you arrive at your destination, voila, you have a completely empty case to fill with spoils of the shopping.
As for the instant chocolate cake... you poor deprived Canadians! They are the best invention since the bread slicer!!! I'm so happy you've jumped the border to experience the delight in 30 seconds! :)


Ah- I thought it was just me-but I have the hormonal dropsies. My framemaker was not thrilled when I dropped the painting I was picking up last week-in front of her. She repaired it and brought it by my house on her way home, not letting me touch it again.
Good to know about Hanna in Portland-I'm going there for a conference next year, so I will schedule a stop!
The border guards are hilarious every year for the Minnesota pilgrimage to Winnipeg-half the state goes to the folk festival, and they find it very amusing to tease us as we come through, asking questions about our relationship with each person in the car (complicated when you're caravanning)-I can imagine the cereal story! ~lmc

Mrs Figby

Well, if I were diagnosing myself, I would assume fatal brain tumor. But you? I'm going to say toenail fungus gone awry.


I have to tell you, I never seem to do well at outlets. Except for the Ferragamo shoes I got for $100 at the outlet in Switzerland. But otherwise, it's not for me. I did manage to buy a dozen jars of relishes and sauces at some canning place in Pennsylvania.

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