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October 17, 2007


Cat, Galloping

those girls are too cute!


Disney World is my most favorite place ever! I am now a Travel Agent specializing in Disney Travel. Try getting some glitter and while you are waiting in line for the peter pan ride sprinkle it around and don't let the girls see you, then tell them Tink just flew by and dropped some pixie dust! Also look into buying some pins from mousepinsonline.com if you are planning on letting them Pin Trade (it's huge down there). If you are going to get auto graphs get a thick pen that Mickey and Friends can hold onto easily! Where are you staying? Send me your email and I will send you a great ebook I have with over 500 tips! I am a long time reader, way back before the Trading Spaces days! I just don't think I have ever commented!


First of all I am pissed that your blog and a bunch of others aren't updating on my feed. It's driving me crazy. Time to switch to bloglines. Secondly. Disney for Halloween sounds awesome! Yeah, I know. I said it. Disney, awesome. Bwahahaha. I'm embracing the dark side. We'll probably go next summer. One of LSP's cousins will be performing there in July. Love Dumpling's costume. Can't wait to see your little fairy.


Love the pillow and the top-I'm still cutting up old dresses to make dolls and pillows, though I haven't touched the bridesmaids dresses yet, afraid that my incur wrath from someone ; )
Dumpling's costume is fabulous!



I just love, love that pillow! I never keep anything... I throw as I go so I have nothing that I could convert into something useful :(

Angee Jensen

amazing idea for the pillow and bb's top is adorable!

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